Giving Children Love and Care |

Giving Children Love and Care

Nurturing children from homes with family conflict can bring healing to their lives. In giving needed love and care to children, it is important for a parent to reflect these essentials:

Trust and Respect

Acknowledge children’s right to have their own feelings, friends, activities and opinions. Promote independence, allow for privacy and respect their feelings for the other parent. Believe in them.

Provide Emotional Security

Talk and act so children feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves. Be gentle. Be dependable.

Provide Physical Security

Provide healthy food, safe shelter and appropriate clothing. Teach personal hygiene and nutrition. Monitor safety. Maintain a family routine. Attend to wounds.

Provide Discipline

Be consistent; ensure that rules are appropriate to age and development of the child. Be clear about limits and expectations. Use discipline to give instruction, not to punish.

Give Time

Participate in your children’s lives, in their activities, school, sports, special events, celebrations and friends. Include your children in your activities. Reveal who you are to your children.

Encourage and Support

Be affirming. Encourage children to follow their interests. Let children disagree with you. Recognize improvement. Teach new skills. Let them make mistakes.

Give Affection

Express verbal and physical affection. Be affectionate when your children are physically or emotionally hurt.

Care for Yourself

Give yourself personal time. Keep yourself healthy. Maintain friendships. Accept love.

Source: Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence